Our custom-made rugs can be made in virtually any size, color and rug construction. Rugs are hand-knotted in 60, 80, 100 or 150 knots per square inch with the higher knot counts being more durable and incrementally more time consuming to weave. We also offer flat weaves, dhurries, hand-loomed rugs, looped rugs, shags, high and lo pile, and patchwork rugs, among others. We have 2 stock rug galleries as well, 100 knot wool and silk rugs and cowhide patchwork rugs, both made in Nepal.

Detailed weaving requires skill and attention with a 9 X 12 foot hand-knotted rug often representing 1500 hours of labor and containing more than 1 million knots. Most hand-knotted rugs can be completed and delivered within 3 months, half the lead time of the industry. Lead time for flatweave rugs is 8 - 10 weeks and for hand-loomed rugs is 6-8 weeks. We have an overtime weaving option for an upcharge which can significantly reduce lead time.

We can provide pictures of each rug on the loom during the weaving process. Strike-offs are available for a nominal fee and take 4-6 weeks to deliver. Wool and silk poms as well as rug samples are available for loan to designers nationwide.

Use our designs or indulge your own creativity and create your very own unique rug.