Founded in 2008, Julie Dasher Rugs has grown to be a trusted, go-to source of custom rugs for interior designers across the U.S. and internationally. With our rugs placed in over 26 countries, we offer unique and beautiful designs handmade with world-class quality.

Julie Dasher, our Founder and Lead Designer, has a passion for rug design. Her evolution as a designer began as a fascination with textiles at an early age. Beginning with quilt making and the weaving arts, her interests later evolved into a love of artisan rugs and the exquisite and stunning designs that come to life in wool, silk and many other fibers. Formal design training from the Rhodec School in London, as well as her innate creative talents and interest in interior design as an art, have helped in her design journey. Julie's education includes a BS from the University of Virginia and an MBA and MA from Northwestern University.

With weavers in Nepal, India, Turkey and Afghanistan, the goal of Julie Dasher Rugs is to hire women weavers and purchase their rugs directly from them, eliminating brokers in the supply chain. In Afghanistan, women weavers are 100% of our workforce; their wages have increased by 10%-25%, as a result of their association with us.  In Nepal, women weavers now comprise 60% (and growing) of our workforce.   We also donate a percentage of our profits to GOODWEAVE International, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending illegal child labor in the rug making industry.  All our weavers receive child care and education services through GOODWEAVE and Label STEP.

When you purchase a rug from Julie Dasher Rugs, not only are you bringing a world-class work of art into your home or office, you are also contributing to the betterment of the lives of women weavers around the world.